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Manager - Operations Complex Offsite & Logistics (OQ8)

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Aug 04, 2022
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Aug 17, 2022
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Job title

Manager Operations Complex Offsite & Logistics   






Operations OQ8



Budget control

*OPEX and/or CAPEX and/or Revenue amount as relevant*

Reporting to

GM Operations OQ8

Direct reports


Job purpose

Manages, plans and program Operations Complex Offsite Logistics - Solid Handling  at Duqm Refinery,  under GM Operations  scope’s, acting as owner of assigned assets and as owner of the assets  / operation, and focal point and contract responsible for Solid Handling, Crude Terminal Operation and maintenance and Export terminal,  through:


Oversees the operation of Solid handlings such as Pet-Coke & Sulfur including the ability to size and design various solids handling equipment (such as silos and storage, conveying systems, etc.),


Provides efficient and effective guidance to solids handling design, as per the agreed target quantities and qualities across all stages of production while maintaining operating expenditures,


Evaluates activities of the solid handling contractor to ensure compliance to contractual parameters and


Oversees the development of a variety of technical training programmes related to plant equipment and operations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and safety / emergency response procedures for all staff at Duqm Refinery.


Overseeing the operation of Storage tank Farm in OQ8 Duqm Refinery, ensuring smooth operation for receiving the crude and supply of the products to Jetty terminal;


Overseeing the operation of Sulfur Granulator;


Overseeing the operation of flare system;


;in order to ensure production targets (volume/quality) and compliance to safety, quality, and availability to support OQ8 on  handling of the solid refinery products (Sulphur and Pet Coke) to maintain available ullage for the production units and inventories for the export of products.


The position will act in accordance with the OQ8’s Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies, as well as, policies, guidelines and international standards, supported by an IT Technology platform, HSE standards, Oman’s government & other legal justification’s, and best international practices in consonance with national objectives.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Oversee the day-to-day area operations in order to achieve constant supply of Crude and product delivery ultimately supporting optimal production and plant reliability with emphasis in the following areas:
    • Crude receiving, preparation and CDU feed
    • Ensure the feed material for from Tank farm for all process plants;
    • Pumping the products to Export terminal;
    • Solid Handling:
      • Coke & Sulphur, operate the Sulfur Granulator and responsible for contract with third party for Handling/ loading and transportation of Coke and Sulfur to Export Terminal;
    • Check design data for various solids handling equipment (silos and storage, conveying systems, etc.)
    • Flare System.
    • Delivers operational targets for the production of sulphur pellets and transportation of coke and sulphur to the export jetties facilities.
    • Delivers a culture of waste avoidance and minimization in all operational activities.
  • Lead operation team to achieve operation excellence by setting clear individuals roles and responsibilities and conducting formal and informal feedback, appraisals and KPIs
  • Ensure full compliance to all relevant environment, safety guidelines and quantities so that procedures are regulated by setting clear guidance and instructions for all staff involved
  • Maintain optimum plant reliability and safety as well as avoid premature breakdown by ensuring effective implementation and maintenance, follow through of guidelines and standard operating procedures
  • Oversee maintenance and inspection schedules and ensure program support by completing appropriate feedback and following up on actions
  • Prepare and recommend optimum unit budget and maintain agreed financial performance by compering actual financial performance to budgets regularly
  • Ensure regular safe operating procedures take place so that plant staff and equipment are operating in a safe environment
  • Optimize OPEX in order to contribute to EBITDA gain and minimize quality of output give away to achieve maximum profitability by ensuring availability of all utilities facilities and reviewing costs against agreed targets and budget in order to meet the mandate of OQ8
  • Collate information available from various resources and carry out a costs benefits analysis to identify best possible solution for equipment upgrades, projects or other initiatives in order to ensure that potential solutions have been thoroughly analyzed and evaluated before taking a decision
  • Lead the area reliability committee by liaising with the group on a regular basis to foresee signs of problems prior to occurrence in order to prevent premature interruption of process
  • Comply with systems; process, procedures and authority matrix by reviewing these so all organization requirements are met.

Key interactions

Internal: GM Operations - Engineers - Operators - Shift Supervisors - Maintenance - HSE - TSD - Logistics - Medical- Support

External: EPC and other contractors - Vendors - Government / Ministries - External Consultants - Auditors

Notable Working Conditions: Facility environment

Education requirements

Undergraduate degree (Required)  in Engineering or similar (preferably Chemical, Petroleum, mechanic specialization)

Postgraduate degree in Engineering (Preferred)

Language requirements 

  • English – Fluent (Required). Must be fluent in technical engineering terminology  (in English)
  • Arabic – Fluent (good but not Required); additionally

Background and experience

Competencies and skills

  • 12+ years of total experience, minimum 6 years of relevant experience in similar leadership role.
  • Good knowledge of modern Refining Operation technologies & Planning techniques
  • Sound judgment in technical matters with good skills in engineering field.
  • Good knowledge in HSE / SCE equipment & plans.
  • Knowledge in estimating, budgeting and cost control.
  • Demonstrated leadership impact to deliver improved and sustained performance.
  • Proven experience with Personal Safety Management.
  • Refinery pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.
  • Proven Emergency Response experience.
  •  Refinery Operation Planning and Scheduling – including use of computer-based tools.
  • Proven experience with Personal Safety Management.


  • Leadership and people management skills to deliver improved and sustained performance.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Generate awareness amongst team members on standard operation procedures, reliability, environmental and safety requirements.
  • Strong communication, verbal and written skills
  • Organizational Commitment.
  • Drive for Excellence.



  • Computer knowledge in MS Office applications like MS Word, MS excel etc.
  • Good knowledge & skills in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), MS project.
  • Good knowledge of SAP
  • Good knowledge of modern Operation technologies & Planning techniques for:
    • Crude facilities;
    • Product storage and pumping facilities
    • Flare system
    • Solid Handling processes:
    • Coke & Sulphur,
    • Solids handling equipment (silos and storage, conveying systems, etc.)
    • Operational targets for the production of Sulphur pellets and transportation of coke and Sulphur to the export jetties facilities.
  • Managing Risks and Hazards.
  • Good knowledge of plant operation, processes and process flow.
  • Sound judgment in technical matters with good skills in engineering field.
  • Refinery commissioning and start-up.
  • Maintain coordination with other connected plants pertaining to scheduled activities during shift operations


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