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Senior Exploration Geologist

Job Id
Start Date
Apr 09, 2019
End Date
Apr 25, 2019
Compnay Name
ARA Qarat al Milh
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

The Senior Exploration Geologist will primarily be responsible for the geological evaluation of QAMP exploration interests, with a strong focus on regional play fairway analysis, and input to the prospect generation process.  Seasoned Exploration geologist with extensive experience in petroleum systems analysis, well data analysis, sequence stratigraphy, petroleum systems and play fairway analysis. The incumbent will support the development of geological databases. The Senior Exploration Geologist will work as part of a multidisciplinary team, involved in integration of data to deliver play fairway maps and cross sections aimed at improving both the greater regional and block-specific knowledge and allow high-grading the most prospective areas. The role involves basin analysis through prospect generation activities. The incumbent will mentor and coach less experienced Omani staff. 
Job activities.  
  • Identifies and carries out an assessment of new opportunities and regional and play analysis.
  • Conduct regional studies to identify and evaluate the exploration potential and make recommendations on growth opportunities for the company
  • Identifies and maps viable leads and prospects.
  • Delivers high-quality seismic interpretation product, including quality control and overall integration of all relevant geoscience studies / results from contributing specialists.
  • Works both independently and in collaboration with the team and specialists to generate new concepts and opportunities for exploration drilling opportunities, including quantification of play & prospect risks, volumetric assessments and economic viability
  • Identifies the key risks associated with prospects and reduce uncertainty through increased understanding of the subsurface model.
  • Plans and executes the drilling of exploration and appraisal wells.
  • Initiates, QC and co-ordinate in-house/out-sourced specialized geological and reservoir characterization studies.
  • Establishes workflows and participates in geophysical, geological and petrophysical study and operational peer reviews related to well and reservoir field management.
  • QA/QC geological data and maintain geological databases including real time data links.
  • Close liaison with geophysicists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers for an integrated approach
  • Thorough documentation of work
  • Provides coaching/mentoring to young Omani staff.
  Within broad guidelines set by the Head of geosciences or Team leader, the position is answerable for his/her actions, and for the consequences of them.  
  • Budget: None
  • Subordinates: None
  • Internal Interfaces: Re, PT teams, Operations, Planning and Drilling departments, Planning teams
  • External Interfaces: PDO SQU, MOG, Service companies

Skills Required

  • Risk Management & Decision analysis (Skill)
  • Prospect risking & volumetric assessment  (Skill)
  • Portfolio Analysis and database management (Skill)
  • Prospect evaluation (Skill)
  • Play Analysis (Skill)
  • Business value delivery and business planning (Skill)
  • Economic modelling (Knowledge)
  • Well Planning and Operations Geology     Skill
  • Structural geology (Skill)
  • Seismic interpretation (Skill)
  • Coaching (Skill)
  • Communication (Skill)

Other Job Details

  • University degree in Geology, MSc and PhD preferred. Minimum 12-15+ years’ experience in Exploration
  • A working knowledge of structural and stratigraphic interpretation methods, including sequence stratigraphy and well log petrophysical analysis.
  • A working knowledge of basin modelling and petroleum systems.
  • A good working knowledge of exploration processes from play fairway analysis to prospect maturation, volumetric assessment, risk assessment and the synthesis of diverse regional datasets.
  • Familiarity with Landmark, Decision Space and Petrel interpretation software would be highly advantageous.
    Previous regional experience would also be advantageous.
  • Prepares comprehensive documentation, presentations and workshops related to specific business plans, study work scopes or discipline content.
  • Technically strong geologist in reservoir characterization and reservoir modeling, with good all-round knowledge of other PE disciplines.
  • Good leadership & behaviour skills; experience working effectively in multidisciplinary teams; strong team player.
  • Effective communicator, ability to coach / mentor younger staff and ability to think beyond geoscience discipline
  • Experience in managing subsurface study/services contracts, new scope of work document preparation and the evaluation of submissions is desirable
  • 2D Mapping: Skill
  • Well Log Correlation: Stratworks/Openworks, PETREL: Skill
  • 3D Static Modelling in PETREL: Skill
  • Deterministic and probabilistic uncertainty management in Petrel, @Risk, CrystalBall: Skill
2D and 3D seismic interpretation in Petrel: Knowledge