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Field Operations Manager

Job Id
Start Date
Jan 08, 2022
End Date
Jan 20, 2022
Compnay Name
CC Energy Development
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

? Ensure the Business Management Processes are up to date and reflect current operational activities, these include the CMMS, OMS and SMS systems including safety, environmental and production targets.
? Ensure that the O&M teams are always fully prepared and competent to deliver a safe and efficient operation at all times, this includes Emergency Response as well as individual training, technical competencies and individual development plans and programmes.
? Ensure the Operational KPI’s are achieved by the individual operations teams as per the business plans, ensure the KPI’s are SMART and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement of the processes.
? Ensure the OPEX models are updated and developed to reflect actual spend, ensure reviews on a quarterly basis
? Ensure by prudent and careful review of budgets and production target’s that any costs per BBL (BOE) are as low as practicable.
? Ensure production plans for the assets under supervision are achievable and that stakeholders and customers are satisfied, any deviations are recorded and tracked as to why.
? Acts as the most senior Operations Representative at CCED sites.
? Responsible for safe and efficient operations of CCED activities at site.
? Responsible for personnel's health and safety and ensure security and environmental performance of the entire operation.
? Leads activities in the event of an emergency by ensuring adequate response measures.
? Conducts regular risk assessments, HSSE inspections and holds training and education sessions as needed.
? Verifies, in conjunction with contractor's staff, that the controls detailed in the relevant HSSE plans as well as any other CCED requirements are effectively in place and understood by the workforce.
? Makes amendments to site rules and regulations to address any inadequacies.
? Supports the company's drive for zero injuries by paying special attention to the safety-critical systems and processes like Hazard identification, Journey Management, Permit to Work, Behavior-Based Safety, Reporting and Investigation of all incidents - sharing lessons learned of same and Contingency Planning.
? Implements and oversees any required SIMOPs.
? Ability to manage multiple interfaces simultaneously i.e. Civil / seismic / drilling / completions / well testing/construction/commissioning/start-up...
? Organizes and chairs regular site planning and coordination meetings with both CCED supervisors and contractors.
? Organizes joint events to promote communication between CCED employees and contractors.
? Provides timely input into field activities (proactive not reactive).
? Resolves any conflicts that may arise between contractors within the operated assets and specifically at the Central Camp.
? Coordinates with other Operations Representatives on the project providing work direction and assistance as needed.
? Interfaces beyond operations i.e. Local Communities and the ROP.
? Provides consistent application of CCED and Industry standards and best practices.
? Collects good practices (performance and awareness) internally and externally, shares with relevant parties.
? Prepares daily and weekly communications and reports.

The Field Operations Manager will achieve the above by

? Providing excellent leadership
? Providing effective training plans
? Deploy and provide effective communication processes which employ feedback from the teams
? Assist in the development of the right culture
? Develop relevant and manageable measures to deliver the critical success factors aimed at achieving the strategic goals in the annual business plans
? Assist in the development of continuous improvement teams and works towards “Operational Excellence”

Skills Required

? Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and or equivalent.
? 10-15 years' experience in the Oil & Gas industry with experience and strong knowledge of drilling, well-service, construction, facilities engineering and production operations..
? Hands-on experience with wells and equipment associated with the process of hydrocarbons.
? Has ability to organize own work and meet strict deadlines.
? Computer literate in Microsoft Word and Excel
? Ability to lead independently from a remote site.
? Strong leadership skills and the ability to lead by example.
? Experience managing and participating in multi-national work teams; good people skills.
? On-call for emergencies 24 hours per day.
? Must be fluent in the English language and be an effective communicator both verbally and in writing.

Other Job Details