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Supervisor, Rotary (S,U&O) Maintenance Rotary- OQ8

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Start Date
Sep 20, 2022
End Date
Oct 04, 2022
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Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

Job title

Supervisor Maintenance Rotary






Maintenance OQ8



Budget control

*OPEX and/or CAPEX and/or Revenue amount as relevant*

Reporting to


Direct reports


Job purpose

Coordinates plans and supervises Maintenance Rotating equipment for designated Area at OQ8 under TL Maintenance Rotary’s scope; through the supervision of equipment inspections,  maintenance and workshop activities on rotating  Equipment, in coordination with owner assets; in order to ensure optimum plant availability, maximizing plant operational efficiency, reliability and safety and minimizing Opex.

The position will act in accordance with the OQ8’s Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies, as well as, policies, guidelines, and international standards, supported by an IT Technology platform, HSE standards, Oman’s government & other legal justification’s, and best international practices in consonance with national objectives.

Main tasks and responsibilities



    • A: Heavy Oil Complex Operation (CDU, VDU, SGP, LTU, KTU, DCU, and UGP)
    • B: Hydro Processing Complex (HCU/ARU/SRU/SWS/DHT/HPU/PSA)
    • C: Sulfur/Utilities Complex Operations (SRU, TGTU, ARU, CRU, SSW, CSW, BFW, Steam Generation, Air, N2, CWT, WWTP)
    • D: Offsite/Logistics Complex Operations (Crude Receiving Terminal, Refinery Tankage, Product Dispatch, Coke and Sulfur Handling, Flare, Buildings)
  • Allocates work orders and facilitates the planning of the section’s activities.
  • Supervises the activities of the team in performing all maintenance tasks required for good operation of equipment.
  • Ensures the quality of repairs complies with standards and manufacturer’s procedures.
  • Prepares reports and feedback on equipment performance in order to monitor the optimum capabilities of the plant.
  • Initiates pro-active maintenance tasks for maximizing equipment performance.
  • Assists in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in coordination with inspection, for repeated failures or rework – and files a failure report.
  • Follows up on material requisitions with respective functions for Rotating equipment maintenance.
  • Conducts troubleshooting activities on Rotating equipment
  • Ensures compliance to all relevant HSE procedures in the section.
  • Conduct toolbox meetings to establish the scope of work, HSE requirement & permit to work (E-PTW)
  • Executes under the direct supervisor of Manager Maintenance Area, the activities related with maintenance function in the designated area.
  • Act as senior expert and advise/coordinate about the nature of all the activities and operations that are carried out at the facility, and the policies / SOPs applicable as well as the features of all the rotating equipment.
  • Ensures all workers under his supervision are aware of the hazards in the workplace.
  • Ensures that all the subordinated staff fully understand the activities to be carried out as well as the applicable SOPs
  • Plans and assigns all the daily activities and ensures the proper coordination with all the subordinated staff and other internal and external areas
  • Ensures all activities are accomplished in a cost-effective manner
  • Adheres to communication protocols and is available at all times during the shift by the portable communicators.

Maintenance and inspection plans development and supervision 

  • Coordinate master data, drawings, spare parts lists, interchangeability lists, maintenance plans, and email are available in SAP as well as, appropriated for inspection and maintenance purposes
  • Provides guidance and assessments to Procurement and Contracts, TSD, and Maintenance team during the maintenance and inspection plans development and review.
  • Ensures the maintenance and inspection plans on Rotating equipment are updated and aligned with the maintenance and inspection bests practices.
  • Ensures the inspection and maintenance plans are executed as scheduled and take preventive actions in case of delays.


Activities Planning and Evaluating

  • Drives and Reviews all SAP notifications (Work Orders) raised by end-users and ensures they are clear and justified.
  • Determines the priorities for maintenance work and ensures effective and efficient maintenance is completed before it becomes a high priority.
  • Assess SAP notifications (Work Order) and determine maintenance resource requirements.

Resources Planning

  • Ensures that daily inventories of critical equipment spare parts to ensure their availability.
  • Identify within the support and co-responsibility of managers from other Functions and Departments, the required resources on feasibility (time and budgeted) of corrections plans
  • Coordinates with contractors, the requirements to ensure the necessary resources on time and as budgeted.
  • Verifies and ensures on daily basis, the resource needs according to the inspection and maintenance plans.
  • Coordinate the procurement processes via SAP (coordinating with PCI, TSD, and Maintenance), for all the equipment, spare parts, and consumables necessary for inspection and maintenance purposes. Follows up the procurement process until completion and updates SAP with all the relevant information.


Coordination with Management, Maintenance, TSD, and contractors

  • Escalates major issues and critical activities related to Rotating equipment maintenance for assigned area
  • Coordinates on daily basis with Maintenance, TSD, and contractors to ensure the alignment with the inspection and maintenance plans and schedules, as well as with the availability of the resources.


Work execution, supervision, completion, and evaluation

  • Executes critical/ priority issues
  • Monitors work execution and provide guidance to maintenance contractors
  • Ensures all maintenance and inspection work is carried out in the assigned operations area is in compliance with the company guidelines and standards
  • Monitors the progress of maintenance and inspection activities.
  • Ensures satisfaction of the end-user towards maintenance corrective action.
  • Ensures SAP notifications (Work Orders) are closed after completion of the job.


Third parties’ contracts and evaluation

  • Ensures the service level detailed in the maintenance contracts with third parties are aligned with the inspection and maintenance plans and with the Terminal needs
  • Ensures costs detailed in the maintenance contracts with third parties are aligned with the market prices and that are followed at all times
  • Facilitates all the necessary support to the departments involved in the evaluation and tendering processes for contractors.

Key interactions

Internal: Liaise with colleagues and stakeholders for day-to-day work.

External: 3rd Party Maintenance Contractors

Notable Working Conditions. Field Operations and office environment, Moderate to intensive computer screen use.

Education requirements

Minimum Qualifications for this position is Diploma in Technology, Engineering or similar

Language requirements 

Excellent knowledge of written, read, and spoken English (required)

Background and experience

Competencies and skills

  • Total  10 years of total experience & 5 years as a Supervisor Maintenance in similar Area within the Oil & Gas / Refinery / Petrochemical industry.
  • Experience in Rotating equipment. maintenance and upkeep of all the Rotary Equipment’s: Steam and Gas Turbine, Air and Gas Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal, and reciprocating Pumps., LLF of Rotary equipments. Knowledge of Vibration recording and Machine Condition Monitoring systems of rotary equipment
  • Knowledge of maintenance processes:
    • Heavy Oil Complex Operation (CDU, VDU, SGP, LTU, KTU, DCU, and UGP)
    • Hydroprocessing Complex (HCU/ARU/SRU/SWS/DHT/HPU/PSA)
    • Sulfur/Utilities Complex Operations (SRU, TGTU, ARU, CRU, SSW, CSW, BFW, Steam Generation, Air, N2, CWT, WWTP)
    • Offsite/Logistics Complex Operations (Crude Receiving Terminal, Refinery Tankage, product Dispatch, Coke and Sulfur Handling, Flare, Buildings)
  • Familiar with Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing (SAP).
  • Rotating equipment: Maintenance and upkeep of field Rotating equipment
  • Experience and knowledge in project planning, cost control, contract development, installation, troubleshooting, and start-up.
  • Sound judgment in technical matters with good skills in engineering field materials specifications and international standards.
  • Good experience in handling Maintenance Contracts and shutdown-related jobs.

Knowledge of:

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Expertise in SAP- PM
  • Process Equipment Life-Cycle Management
  • Broad understanding of relevant processes, plants, rotating equipment. 
  • Knowledge in operating and preventive maintenance and reliability of all Rotating equipment.
  • Experience in condition monitoring systems on rotating equipment.
  • Good knowledge in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and HSE plans.
  • Familiar with techniques for ensuring data integrity with various integration of information/ reports
  • Knowledgeable in HSE plans related to maintenance activities.
  • Understanding of Process (P&IDs / PFDs) & Engineering drawings and OEM manuals.
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Knowledge of maintenance best practices.
  • Personal Accountability
  • Acute Observation / Inspection skills
  • Accurate Reporting skills
  • Effective planning and organizing skills
  • Proficient at interpreting Technical Drawings
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Proficient at interpreting Technical Drawings
  • Result orientation
  • Decisiveness
  • Exercising influence  
  • Work Prioritization
  • Report Writing
  • SOP interpretation
  • Refinery operations (Process, Static & Rotating Equipment)
  • HSE (Permit to Work – PTW, Process Safety, H2S Awareness, Basic Fire Fighting, Emergency Response)
  • DCS & TLAS systems
  • Ability to work with computer-based Business Applications such as (SAP) )  (PM & MM Modules)

Skills Required

Other Job Details