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Engineering Manager

Job Id
Start Date
Sep 12, 2018
End Date
Sep 22, 2018
Compnay Name
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required
Bachelor degree
Bachelor degree

Job Description

Manages the regional discipline engineering capability, particularly with respect to headcount and competency. Approves recruitment to the regional teams, including appointment and performance/competence assessment of Site Engineers (Comment: relevant activities include interviews, competency assessments, contractor evaluation, and contributions to the regional Capability forum as required).

Manages a large multi-discipline team, driving the appropriate behaviours to achieve success, including a continuous improvement culture, whilst delivering performance management, technical development and coaching (Comment: manages the regional engineering training budget)..

Manages the delivery of the regional Reliability Improvement Plan prepared by the Reliability Engineering Lead and maintains awareness of the top 20 production losses/vulnerabilities for the region, and associated defect elimination activity..

Manages regional engineering practices to ensure these are up to date, pragmatic and aligned to relevant requirements, endorsing deviations where required (Comment: communicates the suite of practices (and associated processes and tools) across the region to provide for consistent application). .

Manages the prioritisation of all engineering work, including process safety and delivers support to Operations through the engineering teams. Communicates with other sub-functions to prioritise work efficiently (Comment: relevant scope includes day to day Operations support, technical MoCs, Engineering Queries, F4S, HAZOP, SOLs, Cat C and P&M support. Work plans and resourcing should address both short-term and long-term business needs, seeking support from central GOO/UEC as required)..

Approves all technical MoCs, Engineering Queries and F4S assessments. Owns LO/LC register (Comment: OSTL provides the site risk review for technical MoCs and Engineering Queries). Coordinates the regional response to incidents, emerging risks and operational readiness activities, re-prioritising resources and providing assurance as required (Comment: relevant scope for assurance includes risk assessments, technical studies, MoC, reliability analysis, start-up assurance reviews etc. Seeks additional support from central GOO/UEC as required). .

Maintains an overview of the engineering content of inspection, test and maintenance programs for all equipment, including allocation of resources and performance management of related contracts and budgets (Comment: scope relates to engineering content only, contracts/budgets relating to work execution are managed elsewhere)..

Maintains an overview of the near-term and long-term picture of equipment obsolescence across all disciplines and develops budgets to address..

Manages performance using the agreed leading and lagging KPIs for all engineering disciplines, and reports these as required through the regional meeting cadence (Comment: relevant meetings include those defined under OMS 8.1. Relevant metrics include Orange Book and GOO MI)..

Manages the overall learning process, ensuring that lessons are captured, validated and communicated across the region. Ensures that learning extends to lessons from outside of the region (Comment: Relevant sources of learnings include HVLs, Learning Alerts/Bulletins, Audit findings, IRIS/Traction, RAP, PEIT/OPTIMA investigations and engineering studies)..

Skills Required

Only open for Omani nationals.
Minimum of 15 years experience.
Extensive experience and technical understanding of engineering, maintenance and operation of oil & gas processing facilities.
Proven ability in pragmatic application of upstream and regional engineering processes, standards and practices.
Considerable people leadership and stakeholder management experience.
Demonstrated ability to network and influence across organisational boundaries
BSc or BEng(UK), BSc (US), or international equivalent in an engineering discipline
Professional accreditation, such as Professional Engineer or Chartered Engineer

Other Job Details

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