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Well Site Drilling Engineer

Job Id
Start Date
Dec 05, 2018
End Date
Dec 22, 2018
Compnay Name
CC Energy Development
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

• Responsible for preparing and revising when necessary, a complete drilling program on daily basis. Works closely with the Drilling Supervisor to ensure that the following are achieved properly:
o Daily Reports, Field cost estimates, and well time planner are prepared correctly and sent to town in a timely manner every day.
o Wellhead, casing, cement and cement additives, mud chemicals, directional drilling tools and equipment, drilling bits, liner hanger equipment (if required) and BHA data are checked and recorded.
o Drilling/Completion/WO/WS fluid program designed to meet expected conditions.
o An assessment of special drilling, completion and WO/WS problems that might be encountered.
o Cost estimates and Budget
o Well test program
o Abandonment program
o Call-outs and call-off for all required drilling services and equipment
o Rig Inventory
• Surveillance of day to day drilling, completion and WO/WS progress to insure the program is conducted to apply appropriate technology and proposes modifications, if required.
• Provides well site drilling/WO/WS surveillance and engineering assessments and counsels Drilling Supervisor on critical activities and problems, such as equipment failures, hole problems, and well control. Will also provide well site surveillance and technical assistance on equipment testing, new procedures, etc.
• Participates in:
o Preparation of cost estimates for selection of optimum alternatives.
o Material and equipment selection and evaluation.
o Government regulatory requirements, approvals and permits.
o Bid preparations and analysis
• Preparing final reports for Drilling, Completion and WO/WS which include the recommendations for better performance.
• Prepares casing/tubing tally (Pre-job and Final Running Tally)
• Prepares cement calculation as per cement programs for all casing/liner, plugs, and abandonment jobs.
• Preparing material and equipment requirements.
• Must keep abreast of the best available technology.
• Maintains proficiency in

Skills Required

• Must have a BSc in technical discipline or extra years of experience will substitute required qualification with at least 5-7 years of experience in drilling and completions and workovers operations of wellsite supervision.
• Basic knowledge of Production engineering.
• Excellent communication skills and ability to contribute as a team player.
• High level of computer literacy with various internet and MS-office applications such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power point and etc.
• Excellent Interpersonal skills and appreciation for how to conduct business in a diverse region.
• Dedication to excellence in HSE.
• Valid IWCF Well Control certification.

Other Job Details