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Field Camp Superintendent

Job Id
Start Date
Dec 05, 2018
End Date
Dec 22, 2018
Compnay Name
CC Energy Development
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

• Manage the Camp Facilities Maintenance and Catering Contractor in support of 1000+ staff and contractors.
• Responsible for transition of Saiwan Camp occupants to Shahd new Camp
• Room reservation and reporting system
• Room cleaning, maintenance and repair schedule and status of completion
• Asset Register of CCED property in the camp
o Cabins
o Furniture
o AC & Water heating units
o General equipment
• Management Systems
• Provide Camp Services and Catering advice and expertise to CCED
• Interface with Projects to monitor Shahd build progress
• Produce draft people and asset transition plans for review and approval
• Prepare snagging lists and interface with those solving the actions
• Be the Point of Contact (POC) for all related camp move actions
• Identify areas which could be improved or identified as incorrect to plan
• Prepare a transition plan and provide daily and weekly progress reports actual vs plan
• Provide the interface for the installation and commissioning of Kitchen and Camp Services equipment suppliers
• Plan and execute Catering & Services manning levels – build up at Shahd and reduction at Saiwan
• Establish a detailed log of events and timelines in case of review
• Ensure all related work is carried out safely to prevent accident or injury to all personnel
• Participate in Project & Logistics progress meetings as requested
• Establish camp recreational requirements by comparing existing Saiwan items and new items required (furniture & seating)
• Prepare the required daily activity plans and submit the daily inspection reports to Logistics Department.
• Conduct a review of assets located at Shahd B & F and provide a recommendation of improvement to include refurbishment or replacement where appropriate.
• Engage in conversation with present incumbents to ensure a good level of interaction between users and service provider.

• Area authority for signing and managing required Permits to Work within the camp
• Responsible for ensuring Job Safety Assessment and Standard Operating Procedures are utilized with the Permit to Work
• Provide technical expertise and advise, and assist in the preparation and execution of Job Safety Assessments, preparation of the Permits to Work, and utilisation of the CCED Standard Operating Procedures associated with the activities of the contractor’s equipment/ personnel
• Strong ability to ensure that risks related to health, safety and environmental are managed effectively.
• Assist in following HSE aspects, but not limited to - On-site investigation of field accidents/incidents and tracking of actions, Integration of HSE annual plan Safety programs, participate in HAZOP, review of Standard Operating Procedures, ALARP assessment, oversee projects interface points and intervene when required.
• Provide operations assurance of Emergency Response readiness.
• Develop and maintain compliance register and risk register
• Assist in development and tracking of operations management plans like Annual HSE plan, Asset Integrity and process safety management (AIPSM) plans, operations critical contract plans, camp accommodation planning for critical operations contractors
• Responsible for all required Standard Operating Procedures
o Writing and submitting for approval of appropriate procedure
o Procedure compliance
o Contractor Audit system

Skills Required

• BSc degree with at least 10+ years of experience plus experience in remote camp operations.
• 100% Fluency in speaking and writing in English
• Computer literate: Microsoft; word, excel, PowerPoint
• Demonstrable ability to mentor and coach nationals
• Be experienced in supervising, coordinating and scheduling field personnel
• Be experienced in performing audits
• Technical knowledge in restaurant quality & cleanliness standards, room standards
• Project management skills: small civil contracts and repair operations
• Energetic and enthusiastic with desire to effect change in systems and behaviors, result oriented, keen observer and a team player
• Experience and training in oil & gas related disciplines is an added advantage
• Ability to achieve results with indirect reporting lines
• Familiar with the principle of ALARP
• Decision making skills. Must make important decisions about how to allocate resources in order to reach their organizations’ goals.
• Analytical skills. Use statistical analysis and other data treatment methods to analysis information and develop practical solutions to business problems.
• Business skills. Must develop and implement strategic plans to reach the goals of their organizations.
• Must have all management characteristics, skills and expertise to manage and work with multi skilled, multicultural, multidiscipline teams.
• Strong communicator with strong command of the English language.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and able to write reports, programs, and contract strategy documents.

Other Job Details