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Senior Instrument Technician

Job Id
Start Date
Mar 08, 2018
End Date
Mar 22, 2018
Compnay Name
Daleel Petroleum
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

* Ensure that company HSE Policies and Procedures are followed.
* Participate in all HSE Programs as and when called for.
* Ensure adherence to company’s HSE rules & regulations.
* Comply with Daleel’s PTW and PSM system role andresponsibilitiesand contribute to their effectiveness.
* Understand the hazards associated with the task involved andimplementcontrols in consultation with supervisors.
* Review the asset registry and bill of materials for existing and new equipment
* Review in a regular basis the Min/Max per equipment
* Calibrates, tests, troubleshoots and repairs various devicesandcontrol loops ( pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic analog anddigitaldevices found in the oil & gas industry)
* Attending daily jobs allocated by Supervisor like CM and PMchecks,Alarm & Trip verifications, Field calibration and servicingofControl valves, Check and service fire & gas system, CheckingESDloops as per procedure
* Applying Work permits and closing them once the job is completed.
* Coordinate with control room operator and field operator forattendingjobs involving cleaning and servicing of field instruments,replacing ofold instruments with new ones.
* Involve in plant shutdowns under supervision of shutdown management.
* Recommend the required amendment for the PEFS, PID and Logic diagrams.
* Understand the hazards associated with the task involved andimplementcontrols in consultation with supervisors.
* Manpower distribution and allocation is one of the job purposes.
* Ensuring to tackle the released work orders, reporting thefailures,utilizing man hours chart time and closing the performed work orders.
* Responsible of mentoring and coaching of technicians and traineesinthe department.
* Manage and lead the instrument team during troubleshootingofinstrument assets in Daleel’s field.

Skills Required

Minimum Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in instrumentation and control or equivalent
Minimum Work experience:
A minimum of 8 years’ experience in oilfield Instrumentation equipment or equivalent
Skills & Competencies Required/Know How:
* Familiarity with instrument control logic and communication protocols
* High coaching and mentoring skills of new employees
* High trouble shooting skills and professional utilization of instrument PIDs as well as Cause and Effect diagrams in addition to PEFS and other instrumentation/engineering reading skills.
* Leader Ship and team work skills

Other Job Details