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Process Safety Team Leader

Job Id
Start Date
Mar 08, 2018
End Date
Mar 22, 2018
Compnay Name
Daleel Petroleum
No of Position
Position Type
Job Type
Nationality Required
Education & Experience Required

Job Description

* To be committed to continually improving andintegratingProcessSafetyManagement (PSM) into our day-to-day operationstoassureourstakeholders, employees, contractors and neighbors ofourcommitmenttohealth & safety, safeguarding our assets andprotectingthe environment.
* Lead, be the expert support and effectivelymanageRISKMANAGEMENT:Hazard Identification and RiskAssessmentprocesses,PHA/hazardevaluations, Layer of Protection Analysis(LOPA)studies, SCEandperformance standard determination andimplementation.
* Be able to develop an effective and comprehensivemulti-year(5Y)programto implement, effectively manage, all fourteenelements setincompanyframework and manual and to effectively reduce PS RISK.
* Develop and implement a Process Safety strategies,auditprocess,bestpractices and approach for PSM continuous improvement.
* Provide leadership, counsel and technical assistance in PSM at all level.
* Lead incident investigations or root cause analyses on PSM cases.
* Ability to write effective procedures and support siteteamPSMrelatesoperations and maintenance.
* Support in developing preventive maintenance,Assetintegrityandreliability programs.
* Develop, implement and sustain effective keyperformanceindicators(bothleading and lagging indicators) for PSM.
* Obtain the most out of implementing PSM to help ensure maximum compliance.
* Management standard and legislation requirementsfor companyin PSM
* Evaluate new processes and modify existing processesandfacilitiestomeet new requirements.
* Provide oversight and conduct audits for site managementofchange(MOC)and pre-start up safety review process (PSSR).
* To promote an organization into a PSM culture, philosophy and strategies.
* To perform process and improvements changes as required or requested.
* To participate and support healthchecks,technicalreviews,investigations and peer assists for SCE
* To contribute to expertise network and to keepupdatedwithIndustrydevelopments in PSM
* To promote technical new technology developments and deployment in PSM
* The Process Safety Leader is to interface withtheappropriateoperationsand technology teams to resolve, implementordelegateprocess safety requirements.
* To act as focal point in relevant industry standard settingbodiesandatinternational and external workshops/conferences related to PSM.

Skills Required

Minimum Academic Qualification

* BS degree in chemical or mechanical engineering preferred.

Minimum Required Experience

* At least 10 years of PSM experience, with 5 or more in leadership role of both people and initiatives

Skills & Competencies required,

* Proficient in Microsoft applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint.
*   Fluent in English.
* Excellent communication skills and experience applying technology through teamwork
* Skill in data mining, RISK Management, Investigation and asset integrity.
* Audit skill. Formal training preferred.
* Knowledge of regulatory requirements, procedures and legislative process. Full knowledge of EI and OSHA standards.
* Ability to work in a diverse team environment including interactions with technical staff, administrative staff, business team leaders, and contract personnel.
* Ability to challenge the organization in a manner that maintains trust and respect.
* Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing to present complex topics in a concise manner.
* Ability to build business partnerships across and between functional groups and lead a project or technical team.
* Ability to accept and respond to changes and challenges in a positive manner.
* Demonstrated capability to analyze problems and provide accurate solutions.
* Demonstrated skills in time management and managing multiple priorities.
* Critical thinking skills and ability to constructively resolve conflicts.
* High energy and passion for excellence, bias for action, adaptability, and resilience.
* Broad understanding of business issues, metrics, organizational linkages, and customer value

Other Job Details