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About NCE

The Government direction to use a single portal for all recruitment processes in the Sultanate via the National Center For Employment (NCE) which was established by Royal Decree No. 22/2019 and enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence and belongs to the distinguished Council of Ministers, and aims to establish the center to direct, prepare and operate job seekers and their stability and create a database on the workforce in the Sultanate, and to enhance partnership with various entities Educational, training and operational support to support the employment of the national workforce, as well as providing data related to the national workforce in the labor market, including electronic connectivity with all units of the state's administrative apparatus (civil, military, and For security), private sector establishments, etc., and to nominate job seekers who meet the conditions for occupying jobs and occupations to be filled in each of the units of the state's administrative apparatus (civil, military, and security) and private sector establishments, provided that the appointment procedures are undertaken by the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable regulations, The center also coordinates with the concerned authorities to determine the priorities of education and training and the needs of the labor market, including support for strategic sectors and development projects of national competencies and skills. The center also studies and analyzes the functional needs of the economic and development sectors, etc., and to propose programs and action plans to enable national cadres to occupy different jobs and professions. The process of integrating PetroJobs with NCE system has started already. Full integration expected to be completed by end of December 2020. Hence, all jobs advertised in Petrojobs will be coordinated with National Centre for Employment.